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Pro Tips for T-Shirt Business Success

So, you’ve decided to cash in on your great t-shirt idea by starting a business. This is an exciting time and, as an ambitious entrepreneur, you want to get started on the right foot. Many people start t-shirt businesses every year, so your unique enterprise needs to stand out and be professionally sound. From the designs of the t-shirts to the way you structure your business, these tips should be at the front of your mind as you move forward.

Decide on a Business Structure

Do you plan to sell your t-shirts retail (to customers directly) or wholesale (to other businesses)? Think about how big you’d like your business to become and consider whether your business will be an LLP, LLC or a corporation. If you’re uncertain as to what these terms mean, or which would be best for your growing business, you can consult with a business and marketing expert to help you out.

Target a Specific Market

The more particular your target audience is, the more sales you are likely to make. “Men age 18 to 30” isn’t specific enough. Consider targeting demographics by their hobbies, location and other defining characteristics that you can incorporate into your t-shirt designs.

Find the Right Screen Printer

Unless you have a love of screen printing and have the equipment to do so yourself, you’re going to need to recruit the help of a professional screen printer. You should interview several local companies to determine which can best help your business to thrive.

Have a Unique Design

Because there are so many t-shirt businesses, it’s all too easy to accidentally end up ripping off someone else’s designs. Make sure to research your niche and the existing t-shirt market to ensure that your design is 100% original to your brand. If it isn’t, there’s no reason for prospective customers to buy from you.

Another note: Make sure that you are not in violation of copyright laws when drafting designs for your tees. The best way to avoid using material that’s illegal to use is to create an original design from scratch. Alternatively, you could have a designer do this for you.

With these practical bits of advice in mind, you will be able to create a company that presents unique product and professionalism. Don’t skip any of these important steps before launching your business, lest you want to struggle later on.