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5 Tips for Creating the Best T-Shirt Designs

T-shirts are a popular way of spreading the word about your brand, charity or event. This form of marketing is only effective, however, when the design you have printed onto your tees is appealing to others. If nobody finds the design attractive – or even worse, they hate it or can’t understand it – it’s not going to yield the positive reception that a high-quality and aesthetic design would.
A T-shirt printers company can put any words or images that you want onto a t-shirt, but the overall quality of the design depends on the individual that drafted it in the first place. Follow these five tips when designing your custom-printed tee.

Choose Your Font Carefully

The font used is arguably the most important element that goes into a t-shirt’s design. It conveys the message and the image that you want associated with that message, so it’s important to make the right selection. Avoid fonts that look too condensed, as they give letters a “squished together” look. Choose fonts that are easily read, particularly from a distance and at a glance, to most effectively stylize your tee.

Know Which Images You Can Use

Many custom t-shirts are made with images from iconic pop culture references – these are generally fine and free to use. However, make sure to avoid copyrighted characters and images to stay out of legal trouble. When in doubt, consider drawing up your own character or image – or have someone do it for you – to ensure that the image is 100% legal to use.

Consider All Sizes

You want to make sure that the image does not look distorted when shrunk down or expanded to fit different sizes of tee shirts. Images and text that appear to be poorly resized do not make a good impression.

Keep it Original

When drafting the initial design for your shirt, make sure to do your research. It is easy to accidentally rip off someone else’s idea, as millions of others have had this idea before you. Look for shirts online that are in your niche to make sure that your design is an original, not a copy-cat.

Large Images are All the Rage

Your tee shirt should make a statement, and nothing does this better than a large, eye-catching graphic. Your shirts should be fashionable and aesthetically appealing to your target audience. Large graphics are more visually noticeable than small logos, making it easier to share your message at a glance.

When designing a t-shirt of your own, consider all of these tips before you commit to any one design. Your 100% original and eye-catching design will get you much farther than if you had crafted a design without these considerations.